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I am a busy entrepreneur with two different businesses. Yet, I was forced to find a way to bring in extra money. Ash’s course on freelancing helped me pay my bills and also have extra cash to help run my business. If you want to learn how to do freelancing, this course is a must-have.   ~ Peddu Eshwar, Entrepreneur

Looking to do freelancing? Want to say good bye to your job? Want to work from home and be in business all by yourself with any investment? Pick up my course on freelancing and: 

  • See my real earnings and proof of income 
  • Stock up with what you need for successful freelancing
  • Learn how to get clients online and deliver work like a pro
  • Get access to tons of guides, reports, and eBooks 
  • Watch videos on explaining how to get projects 
  • Get exclusive access to New modules, a brand new interface, an easy checkout process. 
  • You have direct access to my one-to-one coaching programs when I launch it soon. 
  • You'll have access to the same project winning templates, sales pitches, and the entire tool kit that helps make $4000 per month with freelancing. 
  • Get immediate access to a growing membership library with all the insights, training, and information you need to become a successful freelancer, regardless of where you live and what your skill sets are.
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I needed all the help I can get. I just had a child and I needed to stay home. But I still needed a way to grow my freelance fashion design business. Ash’s course is detailed. It not only makes you a good freelancer, but it also helps you become a good business person.   ~ Arpitha Rai, Freelance Fashion Designer, YouTuber & a Mom of an adorable kid. 
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Ashwin Satyanarayana

Let's Do Marketing

I am Ash, and I have been helping clients worldwide with end-to-end digital marketing. I am a Google Partner, HubSpot Inbound Certified, and Bing Ads Certified professional who focuses on complete digital marketing solutions (Including digital marketing technology stack and conversions) instead of any one single channel.