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39 Facebook Ads Resources

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Facebook Ads are terrific if you know what you are doing.

If you are walking blind though, you'd be drifting and spending forever wondering why it costs you so much and why you don't get much from it.

For several business owners, advertising on Facebook still feels like donating untold sums of money to charity or maybe even gambling [I stand corrected: Donating to Facebook] 

That’s because to do Facebook ads right, you’d need: 

  • A good online presence (what happens when your prospects want to take a peek behind your ads? What if they set out to see who you really are? Do you have blog posts? Do you have a social presence (besides Facebook, of course)? 
  • Great offers as a starting point for your landing pages & sales funnels (and that is assuming you have sales funnels in the first place). 
  • A certain plan, a structure, and a method to how you do your Facebook Advertising (No, setting up and launching campaigns willy-nilly doesn’t count). 
  • Time, resources, and money: No one succeeds with Facebook ads by launching a campaign for a few hours, a few days, or even a few weeks. Facebook needs time to make your campaigns work (and anyone who told you otherwise is an idiot). 

Facebook is not a magic wand (and you’d do better if you set your expectations right).

But learning never really ends, does it?

There are so many awesome resources out there for you if you set your mind to learn the nitty-gritty of Facebook ads, as it were.

I do Facebook ads for a living. It's only obvious that I am forever learning. I thought it'd be great to share a few resources I know helped me a great deal. 

Download this list of Facebook Ads resources & master the art of Facebook Ads.
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